Serial production of Russian T-14 Armata tank set to start in 2022

Since the first official presentation of the new Russian combat tank, the T-14 Armata, during the parade marking the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War, on May 9, 2015, the arrival of the new tank in the Russian units has been announced many times, and many times postponed until "next year". And even if the initial announcement to have 2000 T-14s in 2020 attributed to Sergei Shoighou, Vladimir Putin's Defense Minister and now expected to be the latter's designated heir apparent, was above all linked to a misunderstanding of his words, since he was talking about...

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Russia tested T14 Armata heavy tank in Syria

Since 2015 and the first deployments of forces in Syria, the Russian armies have deployed numerous materials under development and prototypes in this theater, to assess their behavior in a war zone. This was sometimes successful, as in the case of the Terminator 2 armored infantry engagement, or the Kalibr cruise missiles. Sometimes, the results were very disappointing, as in the case of the ground combat robot Uran, leading to profound modifications of the system to overcome the many failures observed. T-50 prototypes of the PAK-FA program of the future Su-57 next-generation combat aircraft have been deployed on…

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Import substitution in the Russian defense industry: challenges and achievements

The division of labor between the different republics of the Soviet Union, organized since the Stalin era, was intended to promote economic interdependence in order to consolidate a culturally and ethnically disparate political structure. With the breakup of the USSR and the massive deindustrialization of the 1990s, this interdependence did not completely disappear. Indeed, the military-industrial sector, mainly concentrated in the Slavic republics of the Union, continued to bind the former socialist republics. An emblematic example of this cooperation was the relationship between Ukrainian and Russian industries, especially in the fields of space, aviation and shipbuilding[efn_note]Владимир Воронов, “Импортозамещение для Рогозина”, on Рогозина, on Рогозина, on Рогозина. , ,…

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