X-GUARD towed lures, METEOR and SCALP missiles: Rafale soon to be delivered to India will be heavily armed

A few days ago, we discussed the very tense situation between India and China in the Ladakh region, and how this crisis was pushing the Indian…

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Israel acquires stray FireFly ammunition to support special forces and infantry

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has placed an order for an undisclosed number of loitering weapons (loitering weapons) of the Spike FireFly type, optimized for close combat. Particularly light, ...

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Indian light fighter Tejas should finally be fully operational this year

It was time ! Yesterday, the Indian light fighter Tejas Mark 1 made its first flight in a fully operational configuration, or FOC (for Final Operationnal Clearance). Launched in ...

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The less revolutionary Israeli drone dome laser device than it seems

At the beginning of January, the Israeli military authorities published a video on social networks showing an anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection device based on laser energy which foreshadowed a ...

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The US Army relaunches the competition to equip its Strykers with a Hard-Kill system

Until the early 2000s, the US Army only had heavy means to transport its infantry forces, such as the M113 armored personnel carrier and the combat vehicle ...

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The first American Abrams tanks receive their active protection system Trophy

The proliferation of anti-tank systems poses a major threat to modern armored vehicles today, whether or not they are opposed to technologically advanced adversaries. The Israeli armed forces were ...

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Israel prepares new generation of heavy armored vehicles

Of all the armies in the world, the IDF is undoubtedly one of the most experienced in the use of modern armor and main battle tanks, in many ...

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