Will South Korean tanks prevail in European armies?

Following in-depth consultation with France and the Nexter group, the Danish authorities announced on January 19 that they would transfer their entire fleet of CAESAR motorized guns, i.e. 19 8×8 systems heavier and better armored than the models in service within the Army as well as in Ukraine, in order to reinforce the defensive capacities of Kyiv. This announcement, rightly welcomed by the Ukrainian armies, given the performance of the system, is part of an unprecedented dynamic of European countries to support their ally, Sweden having promised 50 CV90 infantry combat vehicles and a number…

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Sweden to order 24 additional Archer 155mm mobile artillery systems

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2022, the director of the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, signed with Lena Gillström, executive director of BAE, a letter of intent relating to the acquisition, by 2025, of 24 155 mm Archer self-propelled guns to equip a third artillery battalion of the Swedish Army, which already has 48 of these systems. This contract, under discussion since 2020, is part of the renewed effort of the Swedish authorities to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the country's armed forces, but also to integrate with NATO standards, with a defense effort which will be brought from 1,3% of GDP today, to…

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US Army orders new batch of 155mm Franco-Swedish BONUS shells

It is through BAe, parent company of the Swedish company Bofors, that the US Army announced the order of a new batch of BONUS artillery shells to equip the M109 Paladin self-propelled guns and light howitzers M777. The delivery of this order, the volume and amount of which have not been revealed, will take place in 2021, and constitutes a real success for the two designers of this 155mm anti-tank artillery shell, the Swedish Bofors and the French Nexter Munitions. Traditionally, 155mm artillery shells are used for barrage or saturation fire. Despite their accuracy, whether GPS-guided or not, their…

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