Turkey wants to develop the most powerful destroyer in the Mediterranean theater

Since his accession to power in 2003, RT Erdogan, first Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014, then President of the Republic of Turkey since that date, has undertaken a vast national effort in favor of the armies, with a budget which has 20 years from $7 billion to more than $20 billion, despite a Turkish lira devalued by 80% of its value over the same period. Concomitantly, it undertook to develop a vast and robust national defense industry, with the emergence of several national and global players such as the missile manufacturer Roketsan or the drone manufacturer Baykar. In the naval field, the effort has been organized…

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Canada suspends export of key components of Turkish drone TB2 Bayraktar

The Turkish-made TB2 Bayraktar combat drone has undeniably demonstrated its operational effectiveness in recent months, whether in Syria, Libya or Nagorno-Karabakh. In particular, it showed great precision, both in guiding artillery strikes and in the use of its own light MAM ammunition, dealing serious blows to enemy defences, including in the face of modern anti-aircraft systems such as the Pantsir S1. But if the drone is obviously a success of the Turkish aeronautical industry, its components are, on the other hand, for many imported from Ankara's "allies" within NATO. This is particularly the case…

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Dassault Aviation and Safran lead defense companies with the strongest growth in 2019

As every year, the American Defense information site Defensenews.com has published its ranking of the 100 most important defense companies in the world. The 2020 ranking (on the 2019 figures) offers relatively few major changes compared to the ranking of the previous year, and the United States remains the undisputed leader in the field, with 7 companies among the 10 most important and 41 companies present in the ranking. The top 5 defense companies in the world are, of course, still American, led by Lockheed-Martin, followed by Boeing, General Dynamics, Northon-Grumman and Raytheon. China consolidates its second place with 2 companies placed in the Top 10, and 7 companies…

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Turkish drones in Syria and Libya reportedly destroyed around 1 Pantsir-SXNUMX air defense systems

Commissioned in the early 2010s, the Russian Pantsir-S1 medium-range anti-aircraft defense system quickly presented itself as a formidable opponent for any air force. Particularly complete, mobile and economical to purchase, the Pantsir-S1 could be purchased in large quantities and represented a small bubble of protection against any air vector: plane, drone, missiles, helicopters. In any case, this is how its designer, the KBP design office, has long presented the Pantsir-S1, heir to a long tradition of mobile air defense systems. In recent months, however, operational realities have overtaken commercial discourse. Widely engaged in Syria and…

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