Abrams, Challenger 3, Armata…: What are modern battle tanks worth? 2/3

After their planned disappearance was almost announced with the appearance of new weapon systems, the tank is once again becoming a key marker of the military power of an armed force, and this in all theaters. This article is the second of a series of 3 intended to present the main models of modern tanks which equip or will equip the armed forces in the world. A first article presented the German Leopard 2, the Chinese Type 99A, the Israeli Merkava Mk IV and the French Leclerc. This one features the American M1A2C Abrams, the British Challenger 3 and the Russian T-90M and T-14 Armata. A final article will present…

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The British Char Challenger 3 (also) will be protected by the Israeli Trophy system

We knew that London was planning to equip its future Challenger 3 tank, a retrofit of the Challenger 2 currently in service to compensate for defects and obsolescence and to make it possible to connect with a possible replacement from 2035, with a Hard protection system -Kill to increase its protection against anti-tank missiles and rockets. The British Ministry of Defense has just confirmed that the active protection system Trophy of the Israeli Rafael had been selected for this, in this case in its lighter version Trophy MV/VPS. The British Army will therefore be the 3rd NATO army to choose the Israeli self-protection system,…

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New partners, new capabilities: Berlin has big ambitions for the MGCS program

If the first discussions around the Main Ground Combat System program, or MGCS, date from 2012, this program intended to replace the heavy armored component in France (Char Leclerc) and Germany (Leopard 2 tank) has come to the fore. from 2017 and the election of French President Emmanuel Macron, when he integrated it with a set of other Franco-German programs including the SCAF intended to replace the Rafale and Typhoon aircraft, and the MAWS intended to replace the aircraft Maritime Patrol Atlantic 2 and P3C Orion. The Franco-German couple, stimulated by tensions between Berlin and Washington following the arrival of Donald…

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New British Challenger 3 tank unveiled

Prior to the publication of the new Integrated Strategic Review, many rumors had circulated in Great Britain concerning severe cuts to certain key British Defense capabilities. Among them were a severe downward revision of the number of F35s ordered by the Royal Air Force, the reduction in the number of Royal Navy frigate, as well as the pure and simple elimination of the 3 battalions of heavy tanks which the British Army, and which are equipped with the Challenger 2 heavy tank. Finally, the heavy tank will remain in service in the British Army, since 148 Challenger 2 will be gradually brought to…

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British Army takes an interest in Franco-German MGCS tank program

European cooperation programs seem to be at the heart of Defense news at the start of the year. Indeed, after Italy and Poland, it is Great Britain's turn to take an interest in the Franco-German MGCS program, which is to design and manufacture a new heavy combat tank by 2035 to replace the Leopards. 2 of the Bundeswehr and the Leclerc of the Army. According to the Defensenews.com site, the British authorities have indeed opened discussions with their German and French counterparts on this subject, in order to find a replacement for its Challenger 2 tanks which will remain in service within the British…

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British Defense will see its budget grow by £ 24bn over the next 4 years

Great Britain is a country of contrasts, and its political class, like the climate, can sometimes hold big surprises. Thus, after 3 months of rumors and fears relating to the future budget allocated to the Defense of the Kingdom, and the probable consequences of the strategic axes which will be defined by the next strategic review, the government of Boris Johnson has taken the decision to engage in an unprecedented effort for 30 years across the Channel to give the British Armies the means to carry out their missions. In concrete terms, the armed forces budget will gradually increase by £24 billion over the next 4 years, an effort of…

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Will the United Kingdom sacrifice its defense on the altar of Covid19?

Since the end of the Second World War, Great Britain had, with France, the most experienced and most efficient armies in Western Europe, relying on a century-old military tradition and an efficient and innovative Defense industry which will have given birth to many equipment and techniques which are still used today by the armed forces of the whole world. But today, in the face of the Covid19 crisis which is hitting the United Kingdom hard, this powerful component of Western Defense is in great danger of seeing many of its capacities depleted, on the altar of budgetary savings. Indeed, as part of the Strategic Review…

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British armies ready to dispense with Challenger 2 tanks to specialize in support

The fate of some 227 Challenger 2 heavy tanks, of which 160 are in service, and 388 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles of the British armies had been threatened for several years. It seems that today, the savings required in the face of the Covid19 crisis, as well as the developments underway in geostrategic theaters, have ended up saddled with the fate of the tanks of the first armed force in the world which implemented this type of armament. Indeed, in an article published today, the British daily "The Times", announces that the authorities of the country would be ready to mothball the entire park...

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British Army unveils Streetfighter II tank as Challenger 2's future remains uncertain

A few days ago, following an exercise at Coperhill Down, the British Army's Royal Tank Regiment unveiled a Challenger 2 battle tank demonstrator optimized for urban combat. Designated Streetfighter II, this modified variant of the British battle tank follows on from the first Streetfighter of the name, another demonstrator intended to test the integration of rolling drones, new anti-IED shielding, a rear camera or even a teleoperated turret for secondary armament. The new version of the Challenger 2 presented by the British Army has a set of modifications that should allow the tank to improve its overall performance in combat, in particular…

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