With SCORPION, the Army is revolutionizing its combat capabilities on contact

Among the main European defense programs, the French SCORPION program undoubtedly holds a very special place. Truly structuring, it plans nothing less than to modernize in depth ...

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Belgium, Romania, Greece ... those European countries that trust the French defense industry

At the beginning of the 2000 years, and for nearly 15 years, the French defense industry failed to sign any significant contract autonomously in Europe, and ...

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Belgium releases a known robot portrait for its future command & liaison vehicle

To complete the acquisition of the EBRC Jaguar light tanks and troop transports VBMR Griffon as part of the CaMo program, signed late 2018 with France, Brussels has published ...

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The Scarabée, a concentrate of innovations in a French light armored vehicle

Despite the failure of his Combat Reconnaissance Armored Buggy, or CRAB, presented at Eurosatory 2012 as a replacement potential of the LAV, probably too much ahead of the needs of armies, ...

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Belgium and the Netherlands formalize the order for 12 Naval Group / ECA consortium minesweeks

After validation by their respective parliaments, Belgium and the Netherlands have officially notified the consortium formed by the French Naval Group and the Belgian ECA to order 6 ...

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