Czech Republic ready to order 52 CAESAR 155mm guns from Nexter

A little over a year ago, Prague announced its intention to order 52 CAmion Equipped with a 155mm Artillery System, commonly referred to as CAESAR, from its designer, the French company Nexter, for an amount of €224m. . The validation of the order probably took longer than expected, but Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar has just tweeted to confirm having given the green light for the order to be executed. According to the terms previously negotiated, the delivery of the 52 units mounted on an 8×8 Tatra platform must take place between 2022 and 2026. This is the 7th customer to…

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The Franco-German CIFS Artillery Program could be postponed

When he came to power, Emmanuel Macron launched 4 major cooperation programs between France and Germany in the field of defense equipment, with the aim of giving rise to a dynamic that would ultimately lead to the emergence of real European strategic autonomy. While Franco-German collaborations in this field had been almost at a standstill for nearly 30 years despite numerous requests from Paris, Berlin gave a favorable welcome to this French initiative, it is in fact largely spurred on by the President Trump's hostile attitude to NATO and very critical of Germany's lack of investment in…

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In turn, Russia presents its self-propelled gun "Caesar-like"

Coco Channel used to say that success was measured by the number of copies. According to this precept, the French Nexter teams who designed the CEASAR self-propelled gun can be proud of them! Because after Japan, India, China, Israel and the United States, it is the turn of Russia to present a model very inspired by the French concept, the Malva. Mounted on an 8×8 BAZ-6010 chassis, the Malva, designed by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute of the manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, is much closer to the heavy Caesar than to the original model, in the purest model of Russian industry. First mentioned in…

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For its Typhoon fighters, Germany acquires AESA radars manufactured by Hensoldt, to the detriment of European programs

On June 17, the German government announced that it had agreed to fund the supply of Active Electronic Antenna Radars (AESA) to modernize the current fleet of 110 Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft in service with the Luftwaffe. If Airbus will take care of the integration of the new AESA radars on board fighter planes, it is the German electronics engineer Hensoldt who will recover the biggest workload, with a share of around 1,5 billion euros. Hensoldt will indeed be responsible for the development and production of this new radar, which should drastically improve the combat performance of the Typhoon. Through this contract, Germany is…

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Russia begins testing wheeled version of Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun

As Russian army artillery units receive their first 152mm 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV tracked self-propelled guns, a new version of the tank, this time mounted on a 6550-axle Kamaz-4 truck chassis, has begun testing of state, an essential phase before being able to be commanded by the Russian armies. Designed like the 2S35 Koalitsiya by the central research institute Burevestnik, the new artillery system carries a turret almost identical to that of its predecessor, with a self-loading 2A88 152mm cannon capable of sustaining a rate of fire of 16 shells per minute, on an 8×8 Kamaz-6350 truck, offering, according to its…

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US Army orders new batch of 155mm Franco-Swedish BONUS shells

It is through BAe, parent company of the Swedish company Bofors, that the US Army announced the order of a new batch of BONUS artillery shells to equip the M109 Paladin self-propelled guns and light howitzers M777. The delivery of this order, the volume and amount of which have not been revealed, will take place in 2021, and constitutes a real success for the two designers of this 155mm anti-tank artillery shell, the Swedish Bofors and the French Nexter Munitions. Traditionally, 155mm artillery shells are used for barrage or saturation fire. Despite their accuracy, whether GPS-guided or not, their…

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Light armored vehicles, a French specialty

The Belgian Defense Minister, Steven Vandeput, and his French counterpart, Florence Parly, have signed an agreement to supply the Belgian armies with 60 EBRC Jaguar light tanks and 382 VBMR Griffon armored personnel carriers, equipped with the field control device. battle and information SCORPIO. For the French consortium made up of Nexter, Arquus and Thales (among others), this €1,6 billion order is the largest from a European country to the French defense industry since 2000 when Greece ordered 55 mirage2000-5 and the necessary armament for the same amount. If the French armored vehicles have had some success in Europe and in the…

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Indian Industry Introduces First 155mm Self-Propelled Cannon "Made in India"

Two Indian companies, OFB and BEML, officially presented their new self-propelled 155 mm gun, named VIZ155mm/52. Mounted on an 8-8 truck powered by a 400 hp engine and boasting an advertised range of 1000 km, the gun has a maximum range of 42 km, and is capable of firing GPS-guided precision munitions, of which he carries 18 copies. This gun, which is reminiscent of Nexter's CAESAR, was designed and built entirely in India, without outside help. In this, it represents a first success of President Modi's "make in India" policy. He is…

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