In turn, Russia presents its self-propelled gun "Caesar-like"

Coco Channel used to say that success was measured by the number of copies. According to this precept, the teams of French Nexter who designed the CEASAR self-propelled gun can…

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For its Typhoon fighters, Germany acquires AESA radars manufactured by Hensoldt, to the detriment of European programs

On June 17, the German government announced that it had agreed to finance the supply of radars with active electronic antenna (EASA) intended to modernize the current fleet of 110 planes…

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Russia begins testing a wheeled version of its Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun

While the artillery units of the Russian army perceive their first self-propelled 152mm 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled guns, a new version of the armored vehicle, this time mounted on a chassis…

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The US Army orders a new batch of 155mm French-Swedish BONUS shells

It was through BAe, the parent company of the Swedish company Bofors, that the US Army announced the order for a new batch of BONUS artillery shells to equip self-propelled guns…

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Pakistan orders 236 Chinese SH-155 15mm self-propelled guns

While the new SH-15 self-propelled gun only entered official service in the Chinese People's Liberation Army during this year, the model, which was presented for the first time ...

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