Serbia wants to acquire Chinese FK-3 anti-aircraft system to avoid US sanctions

Belgrade would have validated the order for 3 Chinese medium-range anti-aircraft systems FK-3, export version of the HQ-22 system, to strengthen its anti-aircraft capabilities. At least that's the announcement published by ...

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Confirmation of Egypt's acquisition of Su-35 could have huge geopolitical consequences

Rumors have been persistent for more than a year now: Egypt has ordered Russia about 35 heavy Su-2015 fighters. Since XNUMX, Cairo has multiplied the acquisitions of…

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Indonesia balances acquisition of Russian Su-35s to get US F-35s

Finally, it would seem that Indonesia is much less the victim of American pressure than it seems concerning the acquisition of Russian Su-35 fighters. Indeed, Jakarta denied the information published ...

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Donald Trump between the anvil and the Hammer he himself coined: the CAATSA

Promulgated on 24 July 2017, Countering Amerca's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, or CAATSA, is one of the first major actions of President Trump on the international stage after his election ...

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Despite the sanctions, Russia has already exported for 11 Md $ defense equipment in 2019

2 August 2017, US President D.Trump promulgated the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanction Act, or CAATSA, an arsenal of legislation designed to dissuade countries from buying equipment of ...

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