Britain radically changes strategic doctrine

In recent months, statements coming from London about the evolution of the British armies have followed one another, with very often drastic reductions in the means, especially heavy ones, of its forces.…

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Will the United Kingdom sacrifice its defense on the altar of Covid19?

Since the end of the Second World War, Great Britain had, along with France, the most experienced and efficient armies in Western Europe, based on a military tradition ...

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British armies ready to dispense with Challenger 2 tanks to specialize in support

It has been several years since the fate of some 227 Challenger 2 heavy tanks, of which 160 are in service, and of the 388 Infantry Warrior fighting vehicles of the armies ...

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British Defense Review Delayed To Address Consequences Of COVID-19 Pandemic

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the next strategic defense review (the equivalent of the French Defense White Paper) could be "hard to swallow" for…

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Report denounces the low firepower of the British Army

A report published by the very serious Royal United Services Institute, makes an uncompromising statement about the real firepower available to the British Army, found unable to ...

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2020 budget: mothballing a British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier?

Her Majesty Ship (HMS) Prince of Wales (2019?), Aircraft Carrier for Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft (ADAV / C) of the Queen Elizabeth class should be admitted to the Queen Elizabeth ...

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