With the SMX 3.0 submarine model, Naval Group takes the big game to win in India

At the DEFEXPO show in India, Naval Group exposed its SMX 3.0 concept and, in doing so, lifted the veil on what its proposal for the program could be…

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The first squadron of Indian Su30MKI equipped with Brahmos missiles entered service

It took 12 years for the first squadron of Indian Su30MKI combat aircraft equipped with the Brahmos heavy supersonic anti-ship missile to be declared operational, after the prototype of the…

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India launches the first P17A class frigate

Although India is often in the news with its overseas arms procurement programs, it also has an increasingly effective defense industry, as shown by the fact that the ...

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Russia will test a new version of the supersonic anti-ship missile P-800 Onyx

The anti-ship missile P-800 Onyx is, since 2002, the spearhead of the anti-ship fight aboard the heavy units of the Russian Navy. Capable of reaching targets to ...

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The Indian Navy launches competition for 6 light frigates fast missile launcher

The Indian Ministry of Defense has launched a new competition aimed at equipping to modernize the Indian Navy. This program, whose designation has not been published, aims to ...

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India launches program to build 6 underwater AIP Project 75 (i)

The Defense Acquisition Board, or DAC, approved the construction of 6 underwater attack identified as Project 75 (i). The new submarines will have anaerobic propulsion (AIP), increasing the submersible diving range.

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