US approves modernization of Egyptian AH-64E Apache Guardian standard helicopter gunships

The US State Department has authorized the modernization of the fleet of Egyptian Apache helicopters to the AH-64E Apache Guardian standard. The Foreign Military Sale (FMS) agreement covers 43 cells and…

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Naval forces and coronavirus: what use for current and future health crises?

Earlier in the day, we returned in detail to the deployment of the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) in Corsica, in order to evacuate coronavirus patients. With the…

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The Tonnerre helicopter carrier was sent to Corsica to evacuate patients suffering from Covid-19

Last Friday, in an article dedicated to rumors circulating around the Armed Forces in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, we concluded that the deployment of…

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The French Navy will modernize its 20mm Narwhal guns, which questions the evolution of its close defense capabilities

According to Naval News, the DGA would have notified on January 16 a modernization contract for the 20mm remote-controlled cannons of the French Navy, the Narwhal 20Bs from Nexter.…

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Construction of the two Russian helicopter carriers will begin in May

According to an article published by the TASS agency, the program for the construction of two new helicopter carrier assault ships for the Russian Navy, and in accordance with the main lines drawn by…

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SDAM Naval UAV Program Moves Forward, But Planning Contains Significant Shadow Areas

The first flight of the demonstrator VSR700 was done on November 8 2019 by Airbus. The Military Programming Act (2019 - 2025) provides for the first deliveries from 2028.

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Russia plans to bring 2 LHD into service for 2027

According to the Tass agency, citing two anonymous sources belonging to the Russian naval defense industry, work on the construction of 2 assault helicopter gunships for the Russian Navy is expected to begin in November.

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