Boeing will design and manufacture the MQ-25 Stingray naval tanker drone

US Navy Acquisition Director James Geurtz announced that the study and completion of the MQ-25 Stingray on-board refueling drone had been awarded Boeing this 30 August 2018. The aircraft manufacturer in Seattle will therefore be notified a contract in the amount of 805 $ m for the study and delivery of 4 prototypes, the final contract of 72 devices being evaluated at 13 Md $

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Boeing wants to twist the necks with fantasies about stealth

In the election of President Trump, Boeing once hoped that the hegemonic period of the F-35 would come to an end, in view of the President's hostile reactions to the program's costs. It appears, however, that the Lockheed-US Air Force couple has been defeated by the de facto alliance between Boeing and the US Navy over this fighter

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Finland officially launches its tender for the replacement of its F-18 from 2025

The Finnish Defense Minister announced the official launch of the tender for the replacement of his F-18 acquired in the 80 years. The project provides a budget of 7 to 10 Md $ to provide 60 devices

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The call for tenders to replace the Swiss F18 will soon be launched

After the cancellation of the order for J-39 Gripen following a popular vote, the Swiss air forces must simultaneously replace their 26 F-5s and their 30 F-18s. THE next call for tenders ...

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