New-generation Russian armored vehicles enter service with 2020

At the end of the war in Afghanistan, the first Gulf war, and the war in Chechnya, the Russian tanks had lost much of their prestige on the scene ...

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Russian airborne forces to receive new infantry engagement armor

The concept of the Terminator infantry engagement armored vehicle is apparently being emulated by the Russian forces. This is how the airborne forces will adapt an Epokha turret on the chassis ...

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Reforms of the Russian army bear fruit

Following the war against Georgia in August 2008, having seen the Russian and Georgian forces clash for the control of the secessionist oblasts of Abkhazia and Ossetia of…

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Some details on the ground equipment presented during the parade of 9 Mai 2018

As every year, the celebrations of the end of the Second World War gave rise to a great military parade in the Red Square, in the presence of President Putin.
This year several vehicles were presented for the first time

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