For French defense minister Florence Parly, armies' fundings can contribute to the economic recovery of the country

It is no longer a mystery: the coronavirus health crisis has triggered a global economic crisis, the extent and effects of which are still difficult to assess. In the months ...

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Will the French Navy be widely equipped with a 40mm RAPIDFire gun?

The question of the average artillery on the surface ships of the French Navy has already arisen for several years, to the point that the general configuration of artillery pieces of…

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Can we merge the SCAF and Tempest programs into a single European program?

After the call from Patrice Caine, CEO of Thales, it is the turn of Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus, to call for the merger of the SCAF programs bringing together Germany, Spain and France, ...

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Nexter's VBCI contract in Qatar for 2 billion euros would be seriously threatened

According to Michel Cabirol, the defense specialist of the economic site La Tribune, the contract for the acquisition of 490 Armored Infantry Combat Vehicles by Qatar, announced ...

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How could a light fighter program preserve the French military and industrial potential?

France is engaged today in a European program, alongside Germany and Spain, aiming to design and build an air combat system of the future, or SCAF, ...

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