Construction of the two Russian helicopter carriers will begin in May

According to an article published by the TASS agency, the program relating to the construction of two new helicopter carrier assault ships for the Russian Navy, and in accordance with the main lines drawn by…

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Russia to plan to enter into service of its 2 LHDs for 2027

According to the Tass agency, citing two anonymous sources belonging to the Russian naval defense industry, work on the construction of 2 assault helicopter carriers for the Russian Navy should start in…

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Russia presents the model of the future nuclear aircraft carrier "Manatee" ... again ..

Since the first presentations of the Shtorm project in 2015, not a year has gone by without a new model of the Russian “next nuclear aircraft carrier” being presented to the public,…

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Russia has reportedly started construction of two helicopter-carrying assault ships

According to the Tass agency, the Yaltar shipyards in Saint-Petersburg began construction at the end of April of two heavy-tonnage assault vessels, presented as "probably" type ships.

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Should we return to lighter aircraft carriers?

Although the Russian military authorities have indicated that, for the time being, the aircraft carrier project considered by the Russian Navy was still the 60.000-ton Shtorm concept, the project ...

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Tomorrow's Russian Naval Air Navy Unveils at Army-2018

Russian manufacturers are used to announcements that are a bit optimistic, such as the 2400 T-14 in service for 2020, the 17 destroyers Lider in 2025 etc. Among these wacky or very unlikely projects, the aircraft carrier project of 90.000 tons Storm probably holds the palm for years

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