Is China developing a strategic bombing drone?

A few days ago, an article published by the Chinese site South China Morning Post shocked the community of observers of the Chinese military aeronautical industry, announcing that the firm Zhongtian Feilong Intelligent Technology was developing a heavy combat drone, the Feilong 2, whose mission profile would be identical to that of the future American strategic bomber B-21 Raider being developed by Northrop Grumman. According to the Chinese company, the prototype is already well advanced, and the entry into service of the FL2 could take place as early as 2026. In terms of performance, Zhongtian Feilong announces a high subsonic speed, a range of 7000 km, a ceiling of 15.000 …

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Russia's PAK DA strategic bomber program ambitions revealed

Although started at the beginning of the previous decade, the Russian strategic bomber program PAK DA, intended to replace from 2027 the antediluvian Tu-95 Bear still in service in the strategic arsenal of Moscow, remains very mysterious, and well little information has actually been divulged about him, without it being possible to judge its veracity. An article published on the RIA Novosti site offers a slightly more enlightened vision of what this new aircraft will be, which will evolve alongside the Tu-160M ​​Black Jack strategic bombers and the Tu-22M3M Backfire supersonic long-range bombers. C at the beginning of the next…

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A year in advance, the US Air Force selects Raytheon for the future nuclear missile of its heavy bombers

In 2012, due to the disarmament agreements signed between the USA and Russia, the USAF withdrew from service its most modern nuclear missile but also the most complex and expensive to maintain: the AGM-129 ACM. Even today, with the exception of the unguided nuclear bombs carried by American fighters and the B-2A stealth bombers, the only USAF nuclear cruise missiles are the AGM-86 ALCM carried exclusively on board the venerable B-52H. However, the situation of the American strategic air forces should rapidly change in the years to come. On the one hand, the US Air Force should start collecting its new B-21 Raider stealth bombers as soon as…

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Are European defense programs in the right technological tempo?

While the 3 major world military powers, the United States, China and Russia, seem to have entered a new technological arms race, European industries remain engaged in programs whose timetable seems out of step with the technological tempo given by these superpowers. However, while counter-programming can be an effective market conquest tool, it can also have very damaging consequences in certain circumstances, for the very survival of the European defense industry. So how can we analyze the European strategy, its origins and its foreseeable effects in the medium and long term? European programs out of time Since…

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B-1B bombers may carry hypersonic missiles in the near future

As we had already talked about on Meta-Defense, the US Air Force should reduce its fleet of B-1B Lancer supersonic heavy bombers next year, by withdrawing 17 aircraft out of the sixty still in service today. However, the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), which manages the USAF's strategic bombers, does not intend to leave its fleet of B-1Bs abandoned while awaiting the arrival of the new stealth bomber B- 21. On the contrary, according to General Timothy Ray, commander of the AFGSC, the Lancers remaining in service should be equipped in the years to come with new offensive capabilities. On the agenda, we would find in priority…

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To prepare for the arrival of the B-21 bomber, the US Air Force will decrease the operational capacities of its B-1B Lancer

We mentioned it last week: the USAF plans to reduce the format of certain fleets of old aircraft in order to allow the financing of new aircraft. Among other equipment, 17 B-1B Lancer heavy bombers out of the sixty still in service could be concerned. The fate of these 17 aircraft is not yet sealed, in particular because the American Congress regularly tends to save the strategic vectors that the armed forces plan to retire early. Even before the vote on the 2021 military budget, however, the US Air Force's Global Strike Command in charge of heavy bomber operations took a…

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U.S. air ambitions unveiled in budget 2021

Each year, the Pentagon publishes a budget proposal serving as the basis for its means strategy and the development of American doctrine. For the past fifteen years, the ensuing debates in Congress have often led to substantial modifications in the Pentagon's planning, showing the dissensions that cannot fail to appear between operational needs, political constraints and preservation imperatives. industrial fabric. In any case, whether the decisions taken come from the military or the legislators, they remain the subject of compromise, since they are drawn up with a view to respecting a budget which is fixed. This year, the proposal for…

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Artist's views of the US Air Force's B-21 Raider say a lot

On January 31, the USAF and Northrop Grumman unveiled three new artists' views of the future B-21 Raider heavy bomber, the first since 2016. In reality, they are the same 3D rendering embedded in three different environments. A fairly sober presentation, which however says more than you might think about the new device. New details and confirmations on the B-21 Raider The proposed angle of view still reveals nothing about the aircraft's nozzles, but does confirm the presence of air intakes integrated into the fuselage. Particularly simple in their design, since they do not present any boundary layer trap or DSI, they are in reality…

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China is working on a stealth drone transporting 22 tons

A model presented at a show does not make a program. However, in China, this is often how the programs appear that later become reality. On the occasion of the technological exhibition of civil and military equipment in Xi'an, the company Zhong Tian Guide Control Technology Co Ltd presented the model of the FL2 drone, a device having the appearance of a flying wing equipped with stabilizers obliques, presented as a stealth transport drone. According to the information presented, the FL-2, which is currently only in a design phase, will be designed to have a take-off weight of 22 tons, an operational range of 7000...

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