SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

In an interview given to the site, Franck Haun, the CEO of the KNDS group which brings together the German Krauss Maffei Wegman and the French Nexter, called on the French and German governments to accelerate the Main Ground Combat System or MGCS program, which according to him, at the current rate of things, should not reach a delivery before 2040 and even 2045. If the considerations of Franck Haun are above all industrial, calling in particular to widen the program on the European scene, the fact remains no less true than an objective analysis of the schedules of current programs, MGCS like SCAF, the combat aircraft program...

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Nexter challenges Rheinmetall with its ASCALON cannon for the MGCS program

For the German Rheinmetall, the case was understood: the experience and the reputation acquired by the designer of the Rh-120 L44 120 mm gun which equips the Leopard 2 justified, according to the Düsseldorf group, on their own, that the design of the main gun of the Franco-German MGCS program is attributed to him. For this, Rheinmetall intended to rely on its new 130 mm L/51 gun, presented 5 years ago, despite the tests carried out by the French Nexter, who had experimented with a new 140 mm gun. on Leclerc chassis in 2019, as part of the Future Tank Main Armament program,…

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