Is Ukraine assembling a breakthrough brigade for its upcoming offensive?

For several weeks now, many Western commentators have been waiting for the launch of the famous Ukrainian spring counter-offensive against the Russian system. However, this tends to be delayed. And the Janes analysis and information service may have pinpointed the reasons for this delay. Indeed, in a brief, the site announced that it had obtained certain information on this subject during the International Defense and Security Technology Fair (IDET) 2023, which took place a few days ago in Brno, in the Republic Czech. According to this information, the Ukrainian General Staff would wait for the 50 combat vehicles…

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British Army urgently orders 14 Archer self-propelled guns to replace AS90 sent to Ukraine

In November 2019, at the request of the British Ministry of Defence, the think tank Royal United Services Institute, made a vitriolic statement about the means available to the British Army, in particular in the field of artillery. Indeed, at that date, it only fielded 2 artillery regiments each equipped with 24 self-propelled guns of 155mm/39 caliber AS90 out of the 89 in the park, as well as 2 batteries of 6 light towed guns L118 of 105 mm assigned to the 16th Air Assault Brigade. As for the 26th Regiment Royal Artillery, it fielded 35 of the 44 unmodernized GMLRS multiple rocket launchers, which…

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Will South Korean tanks prevail in European armies?

Following in-depth consultation with France and the Nexter group, the Danish authorities announced on January 19 that they would transfer their entire fleet of CAESAR motorized guns, i.e. 19 8×8 systems heavier and better armored than the models in service within the Army as well as in Ukraine, in order to reinforce the defensive capacities of Kyiv. This announcement, rightly welcomed by the Ukrainian armies, given the performance of the system, is part of an unprecedented dynamic of European countries to support their ally, Sweden having promised 50 CV90 infantry combat vehicles and a number…

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Sweden to order 24 additional Archer 155mm mobile artillery systems

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2022, the director of the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, signed with Lena Gillström, executive director of BAE, a letter of intent relating to the acquisition, by 2025, of 24 155 mm Archer self-propelled guns to equip a third artillery battalion of the Swedish Army, which already has 48 of these systems. This contract, under discussion since 2020, is part of the renewed effort of the Swedish authorities to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the country's armed forces, but also to integrate with NATO standards, with a defense effort which will be brought from 1,3% of GDP today, to…

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For Sweden, NATO is not the only solution to defend Europe

Like Finland, Sweden has been firmly committed to its neutral posture since the end of the Second World War. Despite the proximity of first Soviet and then Russian forces, and the many tensions that have marred its history over the past decades, Stockholm has always tried to maintain a position that is certainly European, but open to the 'Is, while maintaining a remarkable defensive capacity for a country of only 10 million souls. However, the temptation is great, for certain Swedish political leaders, to get closer to NATO, and why not to join the Alliance, to align themselves with their neighbors and partners...

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Sweden wants to increase its defense budget by 40% by 2025

Like many European countries, Sweden had heavily reduced its defense investments following the collapse of the Soviet bloc, dropping from 2,57% of its GDP in 1990 to just 1% in 2015. , increased from 65.000 men to 16.000 in 2012. With the rise of Russian military power from 2010, and especially the annexation of Crimea which played the role of trigger in public opinion and the Swedish political class, the country began the reconstruction of its Defense tool, notably reducing the strength of its armies to 30.000 soldiers from 2014,…

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Sweden re-activates naval bunkers against Russian threat

The strengthening of Russian military capabilities is taken very seriously by the Swedish authorities, as is the case, moreover, for the majority of Scandinavian countries or bordering the Baltic Sea. Although a member of the European Union, Sweden, like Finland, is a country which defines itself as neutral, and which, in fact, does not belong to NATO. But, like Helsinki, Stockholm is aware of the country's strategic position for control of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and that the country therefore represents a prime target for Russian forces should a conflict arise with the NATO. This is…

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