The Chinese Navy will have received 8 new destroyers in 2021 alone

As we know, the Chinese military naval industry has been extremely successful for several years. Thus, from 2017 to 2020, it had enabled the Chinese Navy to accept into active service no less than 21 destroyers, i.e. 3 times more ships of this type than those entered into service with the US Navy, the South Korean Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces over the same period. Far from slowing down the pace, it set a new record in 2021 with no less than 8 destroyers delivered to the Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army, or more exactly, 3 Type cruisers...

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Chinese Army simulates massive amphibious assault on Hainan Island, Taiwan replica

The Chinese island of Hainan, with its 34.000 km2 and its 1.500 km of coastline, is in itself a province of the country which is home to 8 million inhabitants and has numerous defense infrastructures, in particular the nuclear submarine base of Longpo next to the city of Yulin, is in many aspects, a life-size replica of the island of Taiwan, with its 36.000 km2 and its 1550 km of coastline. Obviously, the thing did not escape the strategists of the People's Liberation Army, who organized, this weekend, a huge naval and amphibious exercise, taking place precisely on...

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Chinese H-6J bombers train to drop naval mines

If the Chinese Navy is now solid in terms of surface fleet, with in the next few months a fleet composed of 5 Type 055 cruisers and 25 Type 052D destroyers in line, plus a hundred frigates and corvettes, it remains under threat American but also Japanese, South Korean or even Australian submarines (in the distant, very distant future…), as shown by the accident of the USS Connecticut in the China Sea two months ago. Although medium-term measures have been taken, such as the gradual arrival of new Type 039C submarines or the possible replacement of the first 20…

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Will China strengthen its coastal anti-submarine warfare capabilities?

Of all the components of the US military arsenal, the US Navy's submarine fleet is probably the most feared by Beijing and the People's Liberation Army naval forces. This is the reason why, for ten years and the arrival of Xi Jinping at the head of the country, a particularly important effort has been made to strengthen the means of countering this threat. This was first the case of Type 054A frigates tasked with escorting large naval units and in particular eliminating underwater threats against these ships. From 2013, the first Type 056A corvettes also appeared. Evolution of Type 056…

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Beijing increases military pressure on India in the Himalayas

Recourse to the military threat seems to have become the rule for Beijing when one of its neighbors does not comply with its demands. In addition to the widely commented case of Taiwan, with numerous naval and air exercises and increasingly threatening rhetoric from the Chinese authorities and the national press against the independent island, it is now the turn of the India to have to face increasingly explicit threats, and increasingly important and dense military exercises along its eastern border with the People's Republic of China, in particular on…

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China builds replicas of US aircraft carriers and destroyers in the desert

The Taklamakan Desert, a desert and very hostile space of more than 270.000 km2 in the middle of Uighur territory in northwestern China, was proposed in 2010 to enter the natural world heritage of humanity. This arid space, which sees temperatures of 50°c during the day rub shoulders with -40°c at night, is also a privileged training area for the People's Liberation Army, which has been testing its ballistic missiles there for many years. Recently, however, forms incongruous for this environment have been detected by Western observation satellites. Indeed, the Chinese armies have built simplified replicas of several…

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Chinese President Xi Jinping steps up modernization of the People's Liberation Army

Over the past 10 years, the Chinese People's Liberation Army has undergone an unprecedented transformation, both structurally and technologically, with a very significant increase in the professionalization of the forces as well as the arrival of very many pieces of equipment on par with, and sometimes even exceeding, the best equipment in service in Western armies. In addition, the pace of this transformation remains very sustained today, with for example the entry into service each year of around ten Type 055, 052D and 054A destroyers and frigates, as well as 5 to 6 dozen J-10C, J-15, J-16 and…

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China's new on-board stealth fighter takes its first flight

The Chinese industrial and technological machine now seems to have reached its optimum pace, as the announcements and discoveries have followed one another at a frantic pace for several months. Just a few days after the new two-seat variant of the 5th generation J-20 fighter was observed during test taxis, and a test of a split orbital bombardment system sent the American defense community into a frenzy, now a photo showing the first flight of the new on-board stealth fighter of the People's Liberation Army Naval Forces has been broadcast on Chinese social networks, removing any ambiguity about the progress of the program. The…

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Chinese Armies Experiment With Weapons Designed To Destroy Ports

In order to counter the rise of the Chinese armies, the Pentagon has decided to rely on smaller, more mobile and better interconnected units via the now well-known Joint All-Domain Command and Control doctrine, or JADC2. This doctrine makes it possible in particular to reduce the risks of massive strikes against large gatherings of forces, while maintaining a very significant capacity for concentration of fire and coordination of forces. But this one suffers from a weakness, a much more fragmented logistics, and therefore cumbersome and complex. Thus, in a theater like the Western Pacific, each of the US detachments having taken position on…

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