Ukraine and Turkey advance in their industrial collaboration about Defense

A few days ago, we pointed out the difficulties faced by the Turkish defense industry after the interventions of the country's armed forces in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan, actions that led to a certain banishment from the country by many industrial and technological players in European, American and even Russian defence. But there remains a country for which Turkey could prove to be the ideal partner, and vice versa: Ukraine. Indeed, the Ukrainian defense industry remains very active, even if in recent years, Ukrainian exports of defense equipment have clearly collapsed. In particular, it has…

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Import substitution in the Russian defense industry: challenges and achievements

The division of labor between the different republics of the Soviet Union, organized since the Stalin era, was intended to promote economic interdependence in order to consolidate a culturally and ethnically disparate political structure. With the breakup of the USSR and the massive deindustrialization of the 1990s, this interdependence did not completely disappear. Indeed, the military-industrial sector, mainly concentrated in the Slavic republics of the Union, continued to bind the former socialist republics. An emblematic example of this cooperation was the relationship between Ukrainian and Russian industries, especially in the fields of space, aviation and shipbuilding[efn_note]Владимир Воронов, “Импортозамещение для Рогозина”, on Рогозина, on Рогозина, on Рогозина. , ,…

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