France strengthens its response to Social Warfare

For several years, France has been the subject of several attacks aimed at manipulating part of public opinion via social networks, attacks mainly piloted from foreign countries sometimes hostile to the country, or to certain political orientations. Several emblematic cases of these coordinated attacks have been revealed to the general public, such as the social outburst piloted from Turkey around the murder of Samuel Paty, this professor assassinated by a radical Islamist in his classroom, or the false revelations around emails from candidate Macron's campaign team 2 days before the second round of the presidential elections, revelations which ultimately turned out to be composed...

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Should Western countries prepare for the “day after” of a massive cyber attack?

In an article published on the website, Dr. Samantha F. Ravish, holder of the Cyber ​​and Technological Innovation Chair of the Defense and Democracy Foundation, calls for the urgent creation of a plan for the resumption of economic activity and social security of the United States, in the event of a massive cyber attack, referring to the "The Day After" plan that the Pentagon developed during the Cold War in the event of a nuclear attack on the entire American territory. Indeed, many beams today point to the growing and now sufficient capacities of countries such as China or Russia, to carry out global cyber operations against…

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