US Navy Changes Planning Targets To Respond To Chinese Threat

The end of President Trump's mandate was, as we know, chaotic to say the least. One area, among others, puzzled many observers, that of industrial planning and ...

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The combat drone carrier concept appeals to staffs

In July 2020, indiscretions concerning supply contracts signed by the Chinese Ministry of Defense, established that Beijing had started the design of a new class of ...

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The US Navy studies the concept of a light aircraft carrier to replace the super aircraft carriers of the Ford class

Shortly before his ouster by Donald Trump, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper presented his “Battle Force 2045” plan, which proposed to be implemented by…

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The crew of the aircraft carrier USS T. Roosevelt could be disembarked to fight the epidemic of Covid19

Last week, we learned that the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt had to make its way to the Guam naval base following the resurgence of cases of coronavirus ...

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Back to basics for the United States Marine Corps

It's a small revolution that is brewing at the Pentagon. Indeed, the commander of the United States Marine Corps, General David Berger, undertook to profoundly modify this force ...

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Renewal of US equipment slowed down by funding for the Trump wall

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump included in his program the construction of a wall facing the Mexican border, supposed to prevent illegal immigration into the country. A…

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The US Defense Secretary unveils his strategy for a fleet of 355 ships in 2030

As we have already discussed several times on Meta-Defense, the US Navy is struggling to define its shipbuilding plan for the years to come, caught between the…

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