The crew of the aircraft carrier USS T. Roosevelt could be landed to fight the epidemic of Covid19

Last week, we learned that the American aircraft carrier USS Théodore Roosevelt had to en route to Guam naval base following the resurgence of cases of coronavirus…

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Back to basics for the United States Marine Corps

It is a small revolution that is preparing for the Pentagon. Indeed, the commander of the United States Marine Corps, General David Berger, has undertaken to deeply modify this force ...

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Renewal of US equipment slowed down by funding for the Trump wall

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump included in his program the construction of a wall facing the Mexican border, supposed to prevent illegal immigration to the country. A…

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The US Defense Secretary unveils his strategy for a fleet of 355 ships in 2030

As we have already treated several times on Meta-Defense, the US Navy is struggling to define its plan of building ships for the years to come, caught in a vice between ...

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With America's LHA class, the US Navy returns to light aircraft carriers

A few days ago, the USS America assault aircraft carrier, the first unit of the class of the same name, sailed from the San Diego military harbor to take up USS Wasp on a mission ...

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The US Navy returns to the goal of 355 buildings

The US Navy now has a little more 290 combat buildings, and President Trump, during his election, had aimed to reach 355 buildings before the end ...

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