India launches the development of a new on-board combat aircraft, further complicating its prospects for modernization

India is known for the complexity and slowness of its aeronautical defense programs. In a previous dossier, we notably returned to the incredible soap opera MRCA, which has since promised ...

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Russia willing to outsource elements of Su57 in India, UAE or Turkey

Like the F35 of which nearly 40% of the items are manufactured by the first-tier partners of the program, the president of the Russian arms giant Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, ...

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Burst in India: Conflicting statements make sense!

It can be said, in recent weeks, the statements regarding the possibility of a new order for Rafale for the Indian Air Force were at least contradictory. Indeed, between ...

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Early withdrawal of the Jaguars, no second order from Rafale, the Indian Air Force clarifies its acquisition strategy

A few days after taking office, Air Marshal Bhadauria, Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force, has clarified the acquisition strategy of the Indian Air ...

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