Western sanctions threaten several Turkish defense programs

The scope of European sanctions on the supply of arms and defense systems to Turkey following the offensive against the Kurdish forces of the YPG in the north…

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Turkish military reinforcement upsets balances in Western Mediterranean

Since taking office at the 2002 when the AKP won the parliamentary majority in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has embarked on a very important program of modernization and strengthening of the ...

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Pakistan orders 340 Russian heavy tanks T90 and 240 VT4 Chinese

Pakistan has announced the order of no less than 600 modern battle tanks, including Russian-made 360 T-90, and 240 VT-4, the newest generation of Chinese new-generation battle tanks.

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Turkey starts manufacturing its new generation tank Altay

The Undersecretariat for the Turkish Defense Industry, the equivalent of the French DGA, announced that the contract for mass production of the new indigenous heavy tank, the Altay, had been awarded to BMC, jointly owned by a Qatari fund and Turkish private investors

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