With the S-550, Russia completes the future anti-aircraft and ballistic defense of its airspace

Russian anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic defense is today universally recognized as one of the best in the world, if not the best. Its multi-layered, multi-system cooperative composition already allows it to respond to almost all threats, including 5th generation stealth aircraft, constituting in fact a particularly dissuasive rampart for any of the adversaries. potential of the country. If the famous S-400, Buk, Tor, Pantsir and the future S-500 Prometei system were already well known to specialists in the subject, the announcement made on November 9 by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about a new S-550 system, unseated…

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Dassault Aviation and Safran lead defense companies with the strongest growth in 2019

As every year, the American Defense information site Defensenews.com has published its ranking of the 100 most important defense companies in the world. The 2020 ranking (on the 2019 figures) offers relatively few major changes compared to the ranking of the previous year, and the United States remains the undisputed leader in the field, with 7 companies among the 10 most important and 41 companies present in the ranking. The top 5 defense companies in the world are, of course, still American, led by Lockheed-Martin, followed by Boeing, General Dynamics, Northon-Grumman and Raytheon. China consolidates its second place with 2 companies placed in the Top 10, and 7 companies…

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Russian S350 anti-aircraft system enters service to complement S400

Anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense is undeniably one of the areas of excellence of the defense industry and the Russian forces. It must be said that since the Cold War, air arms and long-range cruise missile strikes have been, for their part, the favorite domains of Western military power. And in fact, the Russian forces are today implementing no less than ten mobile anti-aircraft systems using missiles, ranging from the S400 to the Pantsir S2, passing through the S300 and the Buk systems. In the West, it is common to design a system to be versatile, and to ensure…

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Syrian Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft systems cut to pieces by Turkish drones at Idleb according to Ankara

Any publicity is good to take, said Andy Warhol. The Russian company Almaz-Antei, which manufactures the Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft close protection system, has hardly shared this opinion in recent days. Indeed, according to the Turkish authorities, and videos ostensibly published on the internet, Turkish armed drones destroyed 8 of these systems around the city of Idleb, the focus of an armed confrontation between Syrian forces loyal to Bashar al Assad and the pro-Turkish Islamist militias supported by the armed forces of Ankara. These videos, and the mediocre results they present for the Syrian Pantsir S1, are all the more damaging as the system is…

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Vitiyaz S-350 anti-aircraft system enters service with Russian forces

According to a press release from the Russian group Almaz-Antey, the new S-350 Vityaz intermediate-range air defense system has entered service with the Russian armed forces, after passing state tests held this year. Snapshots had already shown S-350 batteries in operational posture in June 2019. The mobile anti-aircraft system is intended to replace the S-300P systems for anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection missions of sensitive infrastructure , but also to ensure the protection of mobile forces, an area traditionally entrusted to Buk systems. Contrary to what is often said, the successor to the S-300P anti-aircraft system…

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