Russian S350 anti-aircraft system enters service to complement S400

Anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense is unquestionably one of the fields of excellence of the defense industry and the Russian forces. It must be said that since the Cold War, the air weapon and ...

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Syrian Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft systems cut to pieces by Turkish drones at Idleb according to Ankara

Any publicity is good to take, said Andy Warhol. The Russian company Almaz-Antei, which manufactures the Pantsir S1 close protection anti-aircraft protection system, should hardly share this opinion these…

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Vitiyaz S-350 anti-aircraft system enters service with Russian forces

According to a press release from the Russian group Almaz-Antey, the new medium-range air defense system S-350 Vitiaz entered service in the Russian armed forces, this…

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Global arms sales reached 420 Md $ in 2018, an increase of 4,6% over 2017

In 2018, France increased the army's budget by 1,7 M €, an annual increase of 5%. What was presented as an important effort is, in fact, in ...

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Is the Russian military-industrial complex threatened by its exorbitant debt?

On the occasion of the meeting of the commission of "military-technical cooperation between Russia and its international partners" 24 July 2019, Vladimir Putin spoke about the positive results of ...

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