Logistics, tankers, ammunition: the Pentagon "concrete" the fundamentals

After years of budgetary wandering and reckless spending, the Pentagon's budget is today the object of all the attentions, as well by the staffs as the executive and the Congress, ...

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The vulnerability of tankers worries the US Air Force

There are no hunters without supply vessels! This sentence "No fighters Without Tankers" alone sums up one of the main doctrines of the US Air Force over the past 60…

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Boeing suspends production of P-19 Poseidon and KC-8 Pegasus aircraft due to Covid-46

Since the day before yesterday, the factories of Boeing in the State of Washington (in the North-West of the United States) started to drastically slow down their activity after the state of emergency was declared in this…

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The US Air Force will decide this month if it will outsource part of its aerial refueling missions.

With more than 500 tanker planes in line, the US Air Force alone has more than 70% of the world air fleet specializing in this field. But a big ...

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What really happened to the F-35s deployed in Finland?

In a previous article, we came back to the words of the Finnish HX program manager, Lauri Puranen, who commented on the problems encountered by the F-35 in the context of ...

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