Logistics, tankers, ammunition: the Pentagon "concrete" the fundamentals

After years of budgetary wandering and reckless spending, the Pentagon's budget is today the subject of all the attention, as much by the General Staffs as the executive and the Congress, as the needs observed are so great, while the budget remains fixed or constrained to slow growth. If it is true that when he arrived at the White House, Donald Trump gave priority to the Pentagon budget, with an increase of nearly 15% between 2016 and 2018, planned US defense spending is expected to stagnate in 2020 and 2021, then to grow by “only” 3 to 5% per…

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US withdrawal from Open Skies threatens nuclear weapons control and Baltic security

Last week, the New York Times announced that the Trump administration wanted to withdraw the United States from the “Open Skies” treaty. Although this international agreement now plays a minor role in arms control, it is still highly symbolic and contributes directly to the security of certain allies of the United States, in particular the Baltic countries. For the White House, the American withdrawal would be justified by the lack of transparency and the repeated violations of Russia vis-à-vis the Open Skies agreements, as we mentioned in our previous article on this subject. In the middle of an election year, and while Donald Trump still presents himself as a negotiator…

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The US Air Force will decide this month if it will outsource part of its aerial refueling missions.

With more than 500 refueling planes online, the US Air Force alone has more than 70% of the world's air fleet specialized in this field. But a large part of its fleet, in particular the nearly 400 KC-135s still in service, are reaching the end of their age, and must be replaced by the new KC-46 Pegasus, an aircraft costing more than $150 million each. $250 million taking into account R&D and additional costs related to development difficulties. In order to cushion the budgetary shock of such an acquisition, but also to have greater flexibility for the withdrawal of the KC-135s in the face of delays...

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What really happened to the F-35s deployed in Finland?

In a previous article, we returned to the remarks of the Finnish HX Program Manager, Lauri Puranen, who commented on the problems encountered by the F-35 within the framework of the operational evaluation carried out by the Finnish air force within the framework of the HX-Fighters competition. He then confirmed what many observers and “spotters” had revealed: four aircraft were expected at Pirkkala air base, but only two arrived. Worse still, one of these two aircraft would have suffered an undetailed damage preventing it from carrying out its test flights, the plane being repaired only in time for its return trip to the USA. Difficult on this...

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