Boeing pulls out all the stops to try to salvage German Super Hornet contract

As we know, after the failures in Switzerland, Finland and Canada, three countries which today use the F/A-18 Hornet, the German contract covering 30 F/A 18 E/F Super Hornets and 15 aerial warfare E/A-18G Growler to replace the Tornado dedicated to the NATO nuclear mission and the Tornado ECR of electronic warfare, has taken on a more than strategic dimension for Boeing, for which the sustainability of the chain of assembly of the device for 3 years. However, this contract is now threatened by several factors, in particular the Pentagon's firmness in not qualifying the new bomb...

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The 5 assets of the Rafale against the Super Hornet for Indian naval aviation

The Rafale M1, the first aircraft in the program for French naval aviation, is today at the heart of attention for Dassault Aviation and the entire Team Rafale. Indeed, it is this aircraft which was sent on January 6 to the Indian naval air base in Goa to demonstrate its ability to be operated from a Ski-Jump type platform, and not of an aircraft carrier equipped with catapults. These tests, the first of which took place this morning and took place nominally, will last until the beginning of February and will make it possible to validate not only the capacity of…

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The Rafale M in a good position to equip the Indian Navy

From January 6, 2022, a French Navy Rafale M will carry out qualification tests for the use of a Ski Jump, as part of the competition against the F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet to equip the aircraft carriers of the Indian Navy. These tests, which will take place within the Goa naval air base where the Ski Jump platform is located where the Indian Tejas was tested, will be followed, in February, by similar tests concerning the American Super Hornet, even if it had already demonstrated its ability to take in the air from this type of installation...

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F / A-18 E / F Super Hornet moves further away from Germany

When in March 2020, Berlin announced its intention to acquire 45 F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler combat aircraft alongside 90 new Eurofighter Typhoons to replace, among other things, the electronic warfare Tornado and those dedicated to NATO's nuclear sharing missions, the German authorities knew that it was taking a significant risk, in particular for those who, after them, will have to implement this acquisition program. Indeed, the Boeing Super Hornet, no more than the Eurofighter Typhoon, were then planned to be able to receive the new gravitational nuclear bomb used by NATO in this specific context, the B-61-Mod12 . In order to…

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Dassault will test the Rafale on Ski Jump to convince the Indian Navy

Dassault Aviation and Boeing have been competing in India for several years now as part of a contract to supply Indian naval air forces with 57 carrier-based fighters capable of simultaneously equipping the Indian Navy's sky jump-equipped aircraft carriers, and its future aircraft carrier which will be equipped with catapults. In this case, the French group enjoys several advantages, mainly related to the order for 36 Rafales placed in 2017 by Narendra Modi, and which provided, among other things, for the construction of a maintenance platform capable of maintaining a fleet of more than 150 combat aircraft. But there is one area where…

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The new Finnish fighter plane will be chosen after a wargame

The HX competition aimed at replacing the F/A 18 Hornets of the Finnish Air Force is soon coming to an end, while all the proposals from the 5 manufacturers involved, Boeing with the F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet, Dassault with the Rafale, Eurofighter with the Typhoon, Lockheed-Martin with the F35 and Saab with the Gripen E/F, were handed over to the country's authorities this week. The choice of aircraft for this almost €10 billion contract will be made on price considerations, of course, but also on security of supply and industrial cooperation. Above all, Helsinki intends to integrate the results of the tactical evaluations of the 5 devices…

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