Colombia becomes a "major ally" of the United States

The war in Ukraine has generated a certain radicalization at the level of international relations, in Europe of course, but also on the whole planet. In this context, President Maduro's Venezuela did not fail to play an important card, by displaying unfailing support for Moscow from the outset of the conflict, and by systematically voting against the texts targeting the Russian Federation at the United Nations. . For Caracas, it is a question of securing the good graces of the Kremlin, whose military support and in terms of arms exports are essential to maintaining the regime in place. If the rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing dates from…

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Westerners begin to transfer heavy military equipment to Ukraine

Whether it's Moscow's intransigence, the excesses of Russian propaganda, the Bucha massacre, or a subtle mixture of the three tinged with a diminished fear of the military potential of the Russian armies , the fact is that, for the past few days, the lines seem to have been moving in Europe, and more generally in the West, regarding the military support provided to Kyiv to deal with Russian aggression, and in particular to resist the next massive attack in the Donbass, as announced. Indeed, the Czech Republic has just announced the upcoming delivery of several dozen T-72M1 tanks and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to the armies…

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Australia to acquire 75 M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams heavy tanks from the United States

While some aspects of Australian arbitrations are questionable, there is no doubt that the country has committed significant resources to modernizing its defense tool. While the LAND400 competition between Rheinmetall's Lynx and South Korean Hanwha's AS21 Redback in the field of infantry fighting vehicles continues, and the Australian authorities announced in December the acquisition of 30 AS9 Huntsman self-propelled guns, Australian designation of the South Korean K9, and 15 AS10 armored munitions carriers for an amount of $730m, this time it is the turn of the heavy armored component to be modernized, with the announcement of an order for 75 heavy tanks…

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Abrams, Challenger 3, Armata…: What are modern battle tanks worth? 2/3

After their planned disappearance was almost announced with the appearance of new weapon systems, the tank is once again becoming a key marker of the military power of an armed force, and this in all theaters. This article is the second of a series of 3 intended to present the main models of modern tanks which equip or will equip the armed forces in the world. A first article presented the German Leopard 2, the Chinese Type 99A, the Israeli Merkava Mk IV and the French Leclerc. This one features the American M1A2C Abrams, the British Challenger 3 and the Russian T-90M and T-14 Armata. A final article will present…

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By confirming the acquisition of Abrams tanks, Poland takes a strong position in Europe

Barely a few days after the Polish press aired discussions between Warsaw and Washington about a possible acquisition of Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 (or M1A2C) tanks, the Polish Ministry of Defense confirmed this morning that it had signed a memorandum of agreement to replace the 232 T-72 currently in service within 4 armored battalions by the American heavy tank, with the first deliveries which should take place as early as 2022. The exact amount of the contract, as well as its terms, have for the Time not communicated, but it would seem that a large part of the armored vehicles thus acquired would be assembled in Poland, and that a dedicated center...

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Poland would close to acquiring 250 American M1A2 Abrams tanks

The replacement of T-72 tanks and PT-91s in service with the Polish Armed Forces is one of Warsaw's most important priorities in its effort to modernize its armies, but the latter has come up against, in recent years, to a more than sluggish offer in the West in this area, particularly in Europe. After acquiring 128 Leopard 2 A4s in 2002, then 119 Leopard 2 A4s and A5s in 2013 from German Army stocks, the Polish authorities spared no effort in finding a second, more economical model for replace its armored vehicles inherited from the Soviet era, and which today…

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Is the island of Taiwan going to have to turn into a fortress?

During the Second World War, the island of Malta, under British mandate, was transformed into a defensive fortress which allowed Great Britain to hinder the ambitions of the axis in North Africa, playing a preponderant role in the final collapse of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, running out of raw materials, especially fuel. The island was so reinforced that the Herkules invasion operation, scheduled for November 1942, and which was to mobilize more than 60.000 men, 1600 vehicles and nearly 600 combat aircraft, was canceled in the face of some 26.000 defenders of the island, to a dozen tanks, and to 60 to 80 Spitfires and…

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Russia prepares T-14 Armata replacement for 2040

After the failures of the Russian T80 tanks which entered Grozny in 1994 during the first Chechen war, and that of the American Abrams engaged against the Iraqi guerrillas, many experts predicted the imminent end of the Combat Tank concept, a heavily armored armed and protected intended to break the enemy lines as much by its firepower as by its psychological impact. According to them, the progress made by anti-tank weapons and the vectors that use them condemn the effectiveness of these weapon systems, in favor of much more mobile armored vehicles and air-land means. Obviously, the Russian General Staff does not share...

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