Pentagon launches new program to design next-generation anti-missile system

In March 2019, the Pentagon had suspended the program Redesigned Kill Vehicle, or RKV, entrusted to Boeing and Raytheon, following several technological impasses for the durability of the program, and ...

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Import substitution in the Russian defense industry: issues and achievements

The division of labor between the different republics of the Soviet Union, organized since the Stalinist era, was intended to promote economic interdependence in order to consolidate a political and cultural edifice.

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On the eve of a new strategic arms race?

In the current context of massive rearmament of the world's major powers, statements by US National Security Advisor John Bolton are carefully analyzed in Russia. This close ...

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Is the Russian military-industrial complex threatened by its exorbitant debt?

On the occasion of the meeting of the commission of "military-technical cooperation between Russia and its international partners" 24 July 2019, Vladimir Putin spoke about the positive results of ...

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With the end of the INF Treaty, can Europe take the lead in negotiations with Russia?

The INF treaty is no more. By a statement issued early this morning, the Russian authorities have formalized their withdrawal from the treaty that banned the United States and the Soviet Union, ...

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Russia officially leaves the INF Treaty

Even before the end of the ultimatum by the United States, President Vladimir Putin has promulgated the law authorizing the exit of the Russian Federation from the INF Treaty for ...

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