War movie The Battle of Changjin Lake is a hit in China

512 million yuan, or $80 million! This is the recipe that the war film "The Battle of Changjin" has just recorded for its release on Chinese National Day, a total of more than 11 million spectators, a bend in the record set by Avengers. : Endgame in 2019 with $81m in revenue on the day of its release in China. The film deals with an epic battle along the Yalu River during the counter-offensive of United Nations forces led by the United States in 1950 which will push the North Korean People's Army to the brink of collapse, and cause going to war...

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German frigate Hamburg boarding Turkish ship heading for Libya

Since the Turkish intervention in Libya and especially the deployment of the flotilla centered around the mining exploration vessel Orus Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean, Berlin had taken the part of a position of appeasement and conciliation with Ankara, a posture sometimes badly accepted in Greece as in France. But it seems that, from now on, the German authorities have chosen to show more firmness vis-à-vis Turkey. Indeed, the German frigate Hamburg, participating in the European operation Irini aimed at preventing the transfer of arms and combatants to Libya, intercepted the 16.000-ton container ship Roselina-A flying the Turkish flag 200 km off the Libyan coast. ,…

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These 5 international crises that threaten world peace

In just a few weeks, several areas of international tension have evolved into crises threatening to turn into open conflict, with a significant risk of extension, to the point of threatening even peace on a planetary scale. Indeed, these major crises have this in common that they all involve, directly or indirectly, nuclear nations that are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, most of the time facing each other. In this article, we will provide a quick summary of the 5 major crises that potentially threaten to escalate into conflict, and involve nations with nuclear weapons. 1- The Belarusian crisis For little…

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Barkhane: six months after the Pau Summit, what effects on the Sahelian theater?

On January 13, 2020, the Pau Summit was held to restore momentum to a demoralized and destabilized G5 Sahel under the aggressive attacks of the Armed Terrorist Groups (GAT). A few months later we observe encouraging effects on the ground, both by the pressure exerted on the GATs and by the rise in power of the Sahelian armies. At the beginning of 2020, Operation Barkhane lost its legitimacy in proportion to the losses suffered by the Sahelian armies, and criticism from French public opinion. The Pau Summit did not change the Desired Final Effect (EFR) of Operation Barkhane: hold…

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Imminent Turkish assault on Syria upsets global alliances

Statements about an imminent massive attack by Turkish forces against Russian-backed Damascus regime forces around the northern Syrian city of Idleb continue to provoke backlash within global alliances, to the point of potentially profoundly upsetting the global geopolitical landscape in the months to come. It should be recalled that following the offensive led by forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad's regime towards the Syrian city of Idleb, at the hands of Islamist militias supported by Ankara, clashes between the regular forces of the two camps resulted in several dozen …

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Does the coronavirus epidemic pose a global risk?

At the time of writing, the coronavirus epidemic has already killed nearly 600 people, the vast majority in mainland China, and around 30000 people are thought to be infected. Much more virulent than SARS in 2002, this epidemic is however not yet qualified as a pandemic by the WHO, which however evokes an epidemic with multiple foci. Beyond the health aspects, this epidemic is already having serious impacts on the Chinese economy, as we have already discussed. However, even if epidemic outbreaks outside China remain few, the 14-day incubation period could hold very unpleasant surprises, and the health, economic, diplomatic and...

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To escape sanctions, North Korea steals cryptocurrency

North Korea seems to deserve the title of “Start-up Nation” just as much as France. The annual report of the UN Security Council's North Korea Sanctions Committee denounced Pyongyang's use of cyberattacks and blockchain to circumvent international sanctions. The North Korean cyber-army would have amassed 670 million dollars through its cyberattacks, including 571 by targeting crypto-currency exchange platforms between 2015 and 2018. The blockchain allowed it to act in the shadows and facilitate money laundering of these recipes. As for the targets, no one was spared. Obviously, South Korean sites are affected…

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France supports Cyprus against Turkey

On the occasion of the summit of southern European countries, or MED7, held in the Cypriot capital Nicosia on January 29, President Macron declared that France supported Cypriot sovereignty, assuring President Anastasiades not only of the solidarity, but of France's support in this dossier, particularly in the face of Turkey. This declaration is part of a tense situation, while the authorities of the Island have undertaken underwater explorations with the aim of finding and exploiting significant reserves of natural gas, located in the waters of the country. Exploitations widely disputed by Turkey, which considers that it would be a spoliation…

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