Will the F-35 hypothesis reappear in Germany?

The new ruling coalition in Germany published yesterday the coalition agreement which constitutes the global contract around which the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals have agreed ...

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What consequences for France if the SCAF and Tempest programs merged?

After his German counterpart Lt General Ingo Gerhartz, it is the turn of General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, to declare that, according to him, the programs…

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Spain officially denies interest in American F-35

Obviously, the information that had leaked last week about a possible acquisition by Spain of 50 F-35, 25 in version B for its aircraft carrier Juan Carlos I,…

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Does the Euro-fundamentalism of the Ministry of the Armed Forces harm the equipment capacities of the Armies?

For nearly a decade, the Ministry of Defense, which has become the Ministry of the Armed Forces, and the General Directorate of Armament, which oversees all industrial programs for the Armies, have given almost ...

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Does Spain's foreseeable acquisition of F-35s threaten the European SCAF program?

Since 1987, the Spanish naval air forces have been implementing a squadron of vertical take-off and landing or short Harrier II aircraft acquired from the American MacDonnell Douglas, in particular at…

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NATO on the offensive against Russia and European defense aspirations

After the American debacle in Afghanistan this summer, several European leaders revived the desire to acquire, within the European Union, a military capacity ...

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Should France develop a medium tank in parallel with the MGCS program?

It is now no secret that the risk of seeing the French armies engaged in a High Intensity conflict has increased considerably in recent years, and that it ...

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For the Chief of Staff of the Luftwaffe, the SCAF and Tempest programs would benefit from coming closer

There are sentences which, on their own, perfectly sum up a given situation. And when questioned by the American site Defense News, Lt General Ingo Gerhartz, Chief of Staff of the ...

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