Will Covid-19 get the better of European intelligence diplomacy?

“It is a question of European sovereignty. As soon as we wish to gain in strategic defense capability, it is necessary to gain in intelligence capability”. It was at the end of February when he officially signed in Zagreb, Croatia. “Unprecedented, long-term cooperation for the security of European democracies”, the Intelligence College in Europe (ICE) wanted to be “the common reply to the complexity of the asymmetrical cyber, terrorist and destabilization threats emanating from Russia or China. via 5G networks. Three months after the pleas of the representatives of internal and external services of the 23 signatory countries[1], the informal “diplomatic” body promoted by Emmanuel Macron is…

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The "British GPS" will probably never see the light of day

In 2018, when the announcement of the United Kingdom's eviction from the Galileo program because of Brexit, the strong reactions emanating from the political class and the British government had finally convinced Theresa May to brandish the threat of erecting a system of national and independent geo-positioning of the European initiative. A feasibility study and £130m later, the symbol of post-Brexit independence is unmistakably suffering from ignition delay. Disagreements between British ministers and senior civil servants are now emerging as to the viability of an expensive but no less strategic project in a particularly degraded international context. In fact, according to an article…

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After Brexit risk, Airbus faces German risk

The German position regarding the export of weapons systems to Saudi Arabia following the Khashoggi affair poses serious problems for the whole of the European BITD, already weakened by the possible consequences of a hard BREXIT and the instrumentalization ITAR regulations by the US administration and industry. In addition to the eurofighter consortium and the missile manufacturer MBDA, whose sale of 48 Typhoon fighter planes and Meteor missiles is blocked by the intransigence of the German government, it is the turn of Airbus which, through the sees of its president Tom Enders , announced that it would begin the “de-Germanization” of some of its products, such as the C-295 transport plane. According to…

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