Israel claims attack on Iranian freighter MV Saviz in response to Iranian attacks

On March 25, the Lori, a container ship flying the Israeli flag, was hit by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea, causing no injuries or casualties. It is in response to this new attack against its merchant ships that the Jewish state organized the attack on the Iranian cargo ship MV Saviz, a ship identified for several months by the American secret services as a naval action platform. for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. According to information communicated by the New York Times quoting an American official, the Israeli services would have positioned a naval mine under the waterline of the ship before making it...

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Iran deploys first military satellite as tensions rise between Tehran and Washington

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced yesterday that it has launched the country's first military satellite, the Noor-1. From a technical point of view, this orbiting is a great first for Iran, in more ways than one. But the timing of this military launch also contributes to the game of declaratory strategy between Tehran and Washington, and thus contributes to increasing tensions between the two countries. After a promising start, with three successive successful launches between 2009 and 2012, the Iranian space program has accumulated failures. The last successful launch thus dates from 2015, with the launch of the small experimental satellite Fajr by a…

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Qatar prepares to boost air power after first F-15QA flight

According to the Qatari Ministry of Defense, the first of 15 F-2017QA Advanced Eagles ordered from Boeing in 13 made its first flight on April 2023 at the factory in Saint Louis, Missouri. Deliveries are expected to begin this year and extend through 15, when the F-15QAs will operate alongside Rafales and Eurofighters also ordered by the Emir of Qatar's air force. The first flight of the F-2020QA marks a new stage in a program which over the years has taken a little delay. Initially, it was expected that the first devices would be delivered to Qatar in early XNUMX. But it…

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Apache AH-64E attack helicopters attempt sea attack in the Persian Gulf

A few days ago, we discussed the joint trials conducted in the Persian Gulf by the US Navy and the US Air Force to demonstrate the maritime attack capabilities of the AC-130 gunship aircraft. More recently, the US Navy communicated about similar tests carried out in cooperation with the US Army and its AH-64E Apache helicopters. Once again, these demonstrations carried out directly by the units deployed in the Persian Gulf serve above all to counter a very real threat. Indeed, swarms of small boats from Iran now pose a danger to civilian shipping, US deployments, and US oil interests.

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