The program of the new aircraft carrier of the French Navy soon officially launched

Since its admission to service in May 2001, the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has traveled a distance of more than 30 round the world, and passed nearly 2500 ...

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Marina militare: reflections on the integration of the anti-aircraft missile CAMM-ER on board the PPA Light and the PP (X)

The CAMM-ER anti-aircraft missile has just successfully completed a year 2019 devoted to a series of tests including firing. The decision of the House Defense Committee ...

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Royal Navy: Power Improvement Project for 45 Type 2020 Destroyers

The trilateral program (France - Italy - United Kingdom) Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) was used to arm the Franco-Italian frigates of the Horizon program. The British had withdrawn from this program ...

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Shift of the replacement of the Deventer Zeven Provinciën Dutch air defensive frigates

Due to the consequences of the fluctuation in exchange rates between the dollar and the euro, the orders to be carried out for the program for the acquisition of the F-35A by Amsterdam generated…

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More information on the ASTER 30 Bock1NT

OCCAR announced that the ASTER 30 Block1NT program had passed, at the end of 2018, the preliminary design phase, defining the functionalities, objectives and technologies that will be used for its ...

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