The US authorizes the sale of E-2D Hawkeye radar planes for the French Navy

Last Monday, the US State Department announced that it had authorized the export of $ 7,5 billion in military equipment to several countries around the world, including Israel, Lithuania, Argentina and ...

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Northrop Grumman unveils a mini-torpedo designed for the MQ-8C Fire Scout UAV and Virginia-class attack submarines

The American company Northrop Grumman recently unveiled a mini-torpedo designated Very Lightweight Torpedo, or VLWT, based on a design developed by the US Navy. This new ultralight torpedo should be ...

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Taiwan wants to integrate an electronic war pod on its light aircraft F-CK-1 Ching-kuo

The Chungshan State Institute of Science and Technology, which manages the development of Taiwanese defense technologies, announced that the hundred or so Ching-kuo light fighters in service ...

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Northrop Grumman Launches Production of New AARGM-ER Missile to Counter Denial of Access Systems

On March 31, the US Navy announced that production of a first batch of Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile - Extended Range (AARGM-ER) missiles had started at Northrop Grumman. This missile ...

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Japan rejects US proposals for new generation fighter

A few weeks ago, Tokyo announced that it would not retain European co-production offers for its new generation hunter program, namely the discreet French approaches and ...

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Northrop-Grumman develops missile to intercept hypersonic weapons

DARPA, the Pentagon's R&D agency, a few days ago chose the aircraft manufacturer Northrop Grumman to carry out the study and technological demonstration phase of its concept of…

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The United States could buy 22 F5 Swiss for 40 m $

According to a press release from the Bloomberg agency, the 2020 United States Defense budget would provide for a budget line of $ 39,7 million to purchase 22 F5 light fighters for the armed forces ...

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Global arms sales reached $ 420bn in 2018, up 4,6% from 2017

In 2018, France increased the army budget by € 1,7 billion, i.e. an annual increase of 5%. What was presented as a major effort is, in fact, in ...

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