Turkey wants to be the first to develop combat drone carrier ship

While the TCG Anadolu assault aircraft carrier will soon be transferred to the Turkish Navy, Ankara seems increasingly convinced by the concept of a combat drone carrier, which would represent, according to Turkish officials, an ongoing evolution of the aircraft carriers in the years and decades to come. For this, Ankara would work since the launch of the Anadolu, on the design of a new ship specially designed for this purpose, and which will be able to implement combat drones propelled by propeller like the TB2 Bayraktar which meets a real success on the international scene for several months, the future TB3 equipped with folding wings,…

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India relaunches competition to build 4 amphibious assault ships

India's weapons programs are almost always extraordinarily complex, and quite often they fail even when a winner has been chosen, colliding with the country's technocracy. This was the case of the MMRCA program (126 Rafale) canceled in 2015, as well as the competition to acquire 6 tanker aircraft, won twice by the A330MRTT in 2006 and 2013, and twice canceled in 2010 and 2016, or the program FGFA which planned to design with Russia a replacement for the Su-30MKI on the basis of the Su-57 and which was canceled in 2018 by New Delhi. This was also the case with…

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Type 214, Scorpene, Yuan: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - Part 1

With the return of international tensions in the early 2010s, the role of attack submarines rose considerably for the world's navies. A new generation of conventionally powered attack submarines is now entering service, often fitted with anaerobic modules extending their diving range and offering increased performance and enhanced offensive capabilities. A dozen models today share this often critical market for many navies. In this article, we will present the first 5 models (alphabetical classification by country), to understand their performance and advantages. A second article will present the last 5 models. Germany: Type 212…

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After Greece, Spain could join the Franco-Italian European Corvette program

Unveiled on November 12, 2019 by France and Italy to join the European Permanent Structured Cooperation Program, or Pesco, the European Patrol Corvette program aims to design a 3000-ton combat ship, i.e. a frigate light or a heavy corvette. For Rome, which plans to order 8 units, it is a question of replacing the Commandante, Cassiope and Minerva class corvettes, while for Paris, the need identified concerns above all the replacement of the 6 Surveillance Frigates of the Floreal class. . It is also the first cooperation program of Naviris, the joint venture between the French Naval…

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