F Gouttefarde, JC Lagarde, JL Thériot: these outgoing deputies necessary for the National Defense and Armed Forces Commission

Within the French National Assembly, the Commission for National Defense and the Armed Forces is far from being the most popular commission among deputies. The sovereign function par excellence being a reserved domain of the Elysée, it is difficult to shine there, or to assert an alternative or simply constructive voice, in the face of the doxa imposed by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of the Armed Forces. . In fact, it is rare for MPs, whether from the majority or the opposition, to play a significant role. However, during the previous magistracy, several deputies knew, by their…

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The French Ministry of the Armed Forces considers the principle of a Burst of Electronic Warfare useless

In June 2021, the UDI deputy for Seine Saint-Denis and member of the Defense commission of the National Assembly had questioned, based on an article published on Meta-Defense, the Ministry of the Armed Forces on the relevance of developing a version of the Rafale dedicated to electronic warfare missions, like what was done, for example, with the US Navy's E/A-18G Growler from the F/A-18F Super Hornet. According to the arguments put forward, a Rafale "specialized" in this electronic warfare mission, would make it possible to increase the capacities of the French air forces to suppress enemy anti-aircraft defenses, and thus guarantee, over time, the capacities of the forces...

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Should the nature of French strategic and military programming be changed?

On the occasion of the presentation to the French parliament of the revision of the Strategic Review of 2017, French parliamentarians overwhelmingly welcomed the efforts and commitments made by the various governments since the vote of the Military Programming Law 2019- 2025. As several MEPs have pointed out, this is the first time since the setting up of the programming law mechanism in 1985 that it has been respected in such a precise manner. However, many parliamentarians believe that it is now urgent to start drafting a new White Paper on National Security and Defense to take into consideration the radical changes that…

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Can Defense become an electoral issue for 2022?

This weekend, the president of the Hauts de France region, Xavier Bertrand, a tenor of the Republicans party, announced his candidacy for the French presidential election of 2022. To do this, he outlined his program , ranging from insecurity to social protection. On the other hand, no mention was made of defense issues, while the international situation continues to deteriorate, and the subject will therefore increasingly affect the daily lives of French people in the years to come. Unfortunately, Xavier Bertrand is not the only one who does not consider Defense as…

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Faced with General Lecointre, French deputies are worried about the format of the Armies

The hearings of the chiefs of staff of the French armies by the commissions of the National Assembly and the Senate are often the occasion to glean certain information on the programs in progress. But during the hearing of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General François Lecointre, by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, within the framework of the Finance Bill 2021, these were above all the concerns of several deputies, coming from different political factions, who marked this session. Indeed, 4 of the 13 deputies present asked the French Chief of Staff questions relating to the format of the armies in the current evolving geostrategic framework. So the MP...

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The European Defense Task Force Defense French SMEs, a good idea?

While the major national defense groups are, for many, engaged in consolidation processes on a European scale, a very large number of SMEs in the sector, providing a very significant share of the technological and economic production of the BITD, fear for their to come up. It is in this context that the deputy Didier Baichère, co-president of the study group on the defense industry of the National Assembly, proposed the creation of a "European Task Force" intended to support French SMEs in Brussels, during European calls for tenders. Indeed, unlike other countries, the French BITD still relies heavily on a galaxy of SMEs and ETIs...

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