Summary 2020: Major technological advances in Defense in 2020

If 2020 will go down in history as the year of the great Covid-19 pandemic, it will also be, concerning Defense technologies, a pivotal year marking the transition between the vision ...

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French armies prepare to test their first laser weapons from the Orleans-based SME CILAS

In the ongoing battle in Idlib, Syria, Turkish forces appear to impose an unprecedented operational tempo and relentless operational superiority largely related to the use ...

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The less revolutionary Israeli drone dome laser device than it seems

At the beginning of January, the Israeli military authorities published a video on social networks showing an anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection device based on laser energy which foreshadowed a ...

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Laser is the ultimate CIWS for US forces

It is rare to see the three American armies collaborating in technological development. Yet this is what is happening today in order to develop a defense system ...

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The US Air Force wants to prepare its officers for the imminent arrival of directed energy weapons

For the US Air Force, the entry into service of directed energy weapons, such as lasers or electromagnetic weapons (Rail Gun), will profoundly change the paradigms of air warfare, and ...

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