As French FDI frigate supply bogged down, US launches offensive in Greece

In an article published in La Tribune last week, journalist Michel Cabirol described a more than problematic situation concerning the future of negotiations between France and Greece ...

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The nuclear attack submarine Suffren, the future arm of the French Navy, begins its sea trials

We have mentioned it in recent days: the renewal of French attack submarines is on the right track. On the one hand, the Suffren, first in a new class of nuclear attack submarines, now floats ...

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With the SMX 3.0 submarine model, Naval Group takes the big game to win in India

At the DEFEXPO show in India, Naval Group exposed its SMX 3.0 concept and, in doing so, lifted the veil on what its proposal for the program could be…

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With the Naval Cruise Missile, MBDA and Naval Group join forces in India

According to the Indian specialized site, the European group MBDA and the French Naval Group would have offered the Indian authorities the MdCN cruise missile as part of the program…

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The US Navy updates the Tomahawk but plans to drastically reduce its stocks

With the legendary B-52 and the futuristic bomber B-2, the Tomahawk TLAM cruise missile is undoubtedly the most symbolic device of strike power…

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The standard of the FDI frigates is finalized, and it is remarkable!

The signing on October 10 of a letter of intent between Athens and Paris for the acquisition of two frigates FDI (Frigate Defense and Intervention), most likely the construction of two ...

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The IDF of the National Marine version better armed thanks to Greece?

The signature on October 10 by Athens and Paris of a letter of intent for the purchase of two buildings of the FDR program opens a bilateral work between ...

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Athens Sign a Letter of Intent for 2 FDI frigates Belh @ rra of Naval Group

On the occasion of her visit to Paris to meet the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, the new Minister of Defense of Greece, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, signed a letter of intent in ...

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