20 programs to strengthen the armies and preserve the French industrial fabric

Between the health and economic crisis linked to the Covid19 virus, and the security crises which are shaking the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Asia and Eastern Europe, the subjects of concern do not…

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With SCORPION, the Army is revolutionizing its combat capabilities on contact

Among the main European defense programs, the French SCORPION program undoubtedly holds a very special place. Truly structuring, it plans nothing less than to modernize in depth ...

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KNDS presents the E-MBT battle tank at EuroSatory

KNDS, the Franco-German company resulting from the Nexter-Kraff-Maffei Wegman merger, created the event at the EuroSatory show by presenting the E-MBT (European Main Battle Tank), a hybrid tank resulting from the marriage of a Leopard 2 and a Leclerc

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