Is the island of Taiwan going to have to turn into a fortress?

During the Second World War, the island of Malta, under British mandate, was transformed into a defensive fortress which allowed Great Britain to hinder the ambitions of the axis in North Africa, playing a preponderant role in the final collapse of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, running out of raw materials, especially fuel. The island was so reinforced that the Herkules invasion operation, scheduled for November 1942, and which was to mobilize more than 60.000 men, 1600 vehicles and nearly 600 combat aircraft, was canceled in the face of some 26.000 defenders of the island, to a dozen tanks, and to 60 to 80 Spitfires and…

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The US Marines Corps wants to quickly acquire new generation anti-ship missiles

As we often mention in our lines, it seems that the strategic initiative has changed sides, after three decades of American superiority in military affairs. In China, Russia and with their main customers, the generalization of anti-aircraft and anti-ship access denial systems (A2/AD) has gradually reduced Western air and naval superiority. At the same time, the emergence of a Chinese ocean-going navy has represented, for the US Navy, an unprecedented challenge since the end of the Cold War, prompting the American armed forces to adapt their strategy of means to these new threats hanging over their expeditionary forces. As we explained…

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After Romania, Poland commands the HIMARS system

The Polish authorities have announced that they will sign an order on February 13 for 20 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, for an amount of $414 million. This is the second European country, after Romania, to select this long-range rocket launcher system in Europe. The HIMARS is a multiple rocket launcher system carrying 6 rockets with a range of up to 300 km, mounted on a wheeled truck, and not a tracked armored vehicle like the M270. The result is a lighter, faster system with a far greater range than the M270. The HIMARS is in service with 5 active brigades and 8…

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