German frigate Hamburg boarding Turkish ship heading for Libya

Since the Turkish intervention in Libya and especially the deployment of the flotilla centered around the mining exploration vessel Orus Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean, Berlin had taken part of a position ...

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France has deployed its fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey

The French Navy announced that it had deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean from November 4 to 13, a powerful surface combat fleet, made up of the light stealth frigate Lafayette, of…

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Is the attitude of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean a threat to Europe and NATO?

For over a year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has been providing massive support to the GNA, the Libyan national unity government which militarily opposes the National Liberation Army of…

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Despite Beijing's warnings, France will participate in the modernization of Taiwanese frigates

The information was analyzed in detail last month by the Naval News site, which is always very well informed: as part of the modernization of its Kang Ding frigates (version…

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Aircraft exchanges between the Charles De Gaulle and the USS Eisenhower strengthen the interoperability of the French and American navies

Clearly, with the Foch mission, the French Aviation Group (GAN) is not idle. Having left Toulon on January 22 with its escort, the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle participated ...

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Taiwan will send a team to Europe to follow the design of the components of its next submarine

According to the Taiwanese daily Liberty Times, quoted by the site, the Ministry of Defense of the independent island of Taiwan, will send a team of 6 engineers to Europe ...

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The difficult equation of renewal of the Navy's buildings

Once again, the Navy is forced to juggle and extend the operational life of its buildings, pending the delivery of sensible buildings replaced. This time it is the turn of the nuclear attack submarine "Casabianca" to have to play extra time

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