"British GPS" will probably never see the light of day

In 2018, with the announcement of the UK's ousting of the Galileo program because of Brexit, the strong reactions emanating from the political class and the British government had completed…

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The Covid19 Crisis will hit hard the military budgets of the Western powers

While the French Minister of the Armies Florence Parly multiplies the declarations on a possible plan of revival of the Defense industry in the country, number of analysts estimate that…

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The European Task Force Takuba is officially created and should be deployed in Mali this summer

Since the first years of the Malian conflict, France has sought to train its European allies alongside it. Indeed, Paris regularly reminds that the security of the gang ...

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Should Europeans be equipped with a mechanism to help acquire defense equipment?

In an article published yesterday by the American site Defensenews.com, the journalist Aaron Mehta presents the evolutions that the American authorities intend to bring to the mechanisms ERIP, for European Recapitalization Incentive Program,…

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US pressures Europeans for support for Turkey

One can really wonder about the objectives pursued by the United States vis-à-vis NATO. Indeed, while Ankara signed a ceasefire agreement with Moscow and President Erdogan ...

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How can the European Commission act in favor of the defense of Europeans today?

By the voice of its Commissioner for Industrial, Digital, Interior and Defense Affairs, Thierry Breton, the new European Commission of Ursula Van der Leyen has defined important ambitions for this…

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