Kuwaiti parliament questions the high cost of the Eurofighter Typhoon

For several months now, the sale of 28 Eurofighter Typhoons to Kuwait signed in 2016 has been of great interest to the Kuwaiti judicial authorities, who have reportedly opened several corruption investigations.…

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For its Typhoon fighters, Germany acquires AESA radars manufactured by Hensoldt, to the detriment of European programs

On June 17, the German government announced that it had agreed to finance the supply of active electronic antenna radars (AESA) intended to modernize the current fleet of 110 aircraft ...

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Airbus and Eurofighter Typhoon face new setbacks in Middle East

Clearly, the export successes of the Eurofighter Typhoon seem to be accompanied by repeated legal scandals. After the investigations into the Saudi contract, buried under a layer of defense secrets and ...

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The Eurofighter gets a makeover: Airbus DS in operation charms across the Rhine

On the occasion of its Trade Media Briefing 2019 in Manching (Germany) which took place earlier this week, Airbus DS brought together the specialist press for a complete review of ...

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Canadian Tender to Replace F18 Still Constrained by F35 Program

One thing is certain, the Canadian authorities do not want the Lockheed-Martin F35 to replace its aging F18s. If the American plane is still officially a candidate for the Ottawa program for…

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The call for tenders to replace the Swiss F18 will soon be launched

After the cancellation of the order for J-39 Gripen following a popular vote, the Swiss air forces must simultaneously replace their 26 F-5s and their 30 F-18s. THE next call for tenders ...

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