As the Eurodrone stagnates, the US Air Force prepares the successor to the famous MQ-9 Reaper

In March, the head of acquisitions of the US Air Force, Will Roper, had announced before the US Congress that the USAF wanted to stop the production of MQ-9 Reaper drones at…

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US Air Force prepares to replace MQ-9 Reaper with next-generation drone family

With its predecessor the MQ-1 Predator, the MQ-9 Reaper is the most iconic American drone of the past twenty years. Used by the USAF and the CIA, exported to the United Kingdom,…

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Franco-German military cooperation: Can we make a difference between the two countries?

Two articles published today by the economic website highlight the difficulties encountered by the Franco-German Defense Cooperation. In Anne Bauer's first article, he is before ...

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SCAF, MGCS, EuroMale ... Franco-German defense cooperation could be structurally unstable

Since the election of President Macron, industrial cooperation in defense matters with Germany has become a more than a priority axis of French Defense industrial policy. So, in ...

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Does the twin engine configuration for the EuroMALE drone make sense?

During the presentation of the first sketches of the EuroMale, the European Medium Altitude Long Endurance drone resulting from the combined efforts of Germany, France, Spain and Italy, many ...

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Is the articulation of European programs effective?

The European Defense industry has not particularly shone in recent years with its ability to implement multinational programs. With 7 industrial partners, 3 aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Dassault ...

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