German Orion P-3C withdrawal: a threat to the Franco-German MAWS program

As we learn from Naval News, always extremely well informed on naval matters, the German Ministry of Defense has just announced that it is ending the modernization program for the eight P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft in service in the German navy. Considered to be too costly and too risky, this modernization program should quickly give way to the acquisition of new maritime patrol aircraft. The decision to withdraw the Orions in 2025 at the latest, rather than from 2035, could however have very serious consequences on the MAWS (Maritime Airborne Warfare System) program jointly conducted by France and Germany. In…

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The 3 German Defense shipyards unite to face the national and international challenges to come

The German press recently revealed that Berlin has been seeking for several months to consolidate its naval industry in order to create a single national champion capable of competing with the French Naval Group, the Italian Fincantieri, even the Spaniard Navantia. This merger, which has since been confirmed by German industrialists, seems to be a reaction to the award of the development contract for the MKS-180 frigates to the Dutch company Damen last January. For the moment, the merger mentioned in Germany would concern three companies. Logically, we would find ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), a German giant in the construction of military ships and submarines based in Hamburg. The current deal...

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Covid-19: what consequences for German defense and cooperation projects?

A few days ago, Forecast International analyst Daniel Darling published an article discussing the impact of the current coronavirus outbreak on German defense spending in the coming years. Beyond the gloomy inventory drawn up by Daniel Darling, one can wonder about the programs that could suffer the most from any cuts in spending by the German Ministry of Defence. Economic slowdown and reduction in defense spending In terms of health crisis management, Germany is one of the European countries that best manages the Covid-19 epidemic which is currently affecting the planet. The country has a…

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Former Bundeswehr Laptop sold second-hand still contained classified informations

The information caused a stir across the Rhine. Computer security specialists from the company G-Data, located in the city of Bochum between Essen and Dortmund, were able to acquire a hardened laptop computer from the Bundeswehr, the German army, on eBay. However, this computer still contained classified information, in this case the user documentation for the LeFlaSys Ozelot system, the only armored close anti-aircraft protection in Germany, entered into service in 2001 and still in service today as well as in the Greek forces. The accessible documentation certainly does not have a high degree of confidentiality, since the user manual does not give any sensitive information on the system. It's about…

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