How will the Su-57 become the centerpiece of Russian Integrated Air Defense?

Russian integrated anti-aircraft defense is today, almost unanimously recognized, one of the most efficient in the world. It implements, within it, and in a coordinated manner, ...

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Vitiyaz S-350 anti-aircraft system enters service with Russian forces

According to a press release from the Russian group Almaz-Antey, the new S-350 Vitiaz intermediate-range air defense system has entered service with the Russian armed forces, this ...

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The Buk-M3 presented at the Army-2018 Show

After the SOSNA yesterday, it is the turn of the medium-range anti-aircraft system BUK-M3 to be presented at the Army-2018 show, which is being held this week in the Moscow region. The BUK, sad reputation since involved in the destruction of the flight MH17, is used by the Russian forces since the beginning of the 80 years

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Russia begins modernization of its anti-aircraft defense

This may seem paradoxical, considering the current performance of Russian anti-aircraft systems, but the Russian GPV2018-2027 (Ten Year Defense Equipment Plan) has identified as one of the priorities the modernization of the air defense systems of the Russian Federation. Russian army.

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