60% of Germans want increased cooperation with France on the international scene

Sometimes studies offer results that surprise their sponsors. This is how a study conducted jointly by the American think tank Pew Research Center in Washington DC, and the Think…

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The Bundestag validates the first phase of the SCAF with many reservations

The vote of the Bundestag, the German parliament, in favor of funding the first phase aimed at developing the demonstrator of the Future Air Combat System program, or ...

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Is Germany sacrificing Defense Europe on the altar of interoperability with US forces?

The US and German chiefs of staff have just signed an agreement to develop a very high degree of interoperability between the two armies by 2027, last week during the ...

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Pentagon wants to force Germany's hand in favor of F / A 18 E / F Super Hornet

We already knew that NATO had worked extensively behind the scenes to ensure the victory of the F-35A in Belgium against Typhoon and Rafale, and that the organization had been ...

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Paris and Berlin blame Iran for attack on Saudi oil facilities

On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have publicly designated Tehran as ...

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New French space strategy unfolds in Berlin

If the new space strategy, presented by the Minister of Armies Florence Parly, was welcomed by the French military and industrial authorities, we can not say that ...

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